Why Skipping Meals Is Bad For Weight Loss

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MANY people have the wrong idea that skipping meals is a fast and easy way to control eating and stop weight gain. The truth is skipping meals is an unhealthy eating habit that promotes weight gain rather than weight loss.

This is what happens when people skip their meals:

skipping meals

1) Skipping Meals Slows Down The Metabolic Rate

The body is set up to burn calories from the food we eat and convert them as glucose to provide the body with fuel or energy throughout the day. Skipping meals decreases the body’s metabolic rate, the speed at which calories and fat are burnt and slows down weight loss.

The body, in anticipation of further fuel deprivation, automatically goes into a false state of starvation and holds on fiercely to the fats in our body. It looks for fuel it needs from the stored reserves, glycogen in the muscle or liver.

When the body utilizes glycogen for fuel, you are actually losing water instead of fat – which is not what you want. This is because for every one gram of carbohydrate (in the form of glycogen) stored in the muscle or liver, four grams of water are also bound.

Any rapid weight loss as a result of skipping some meals is temporary as the weight loss is mostly water.

As soon as normal eating resumes, the body seeks to replenish its glycogen reserves with the necessary amount of water. The body naturally regains the weight it lost earlier.

2) Skipping Meals Puts The Body Into State Of Hunger

Skipping meals makes you hungry, so you are likely to overeat at the next meal. When you skip a meal, you increase the interval between meals so when you do eat say, after four to six hours, there is a tendency to binge.

Worse, to fend off the sharp hunger pangs, one may resort to snacking on high calorie or high fat foods to give you the instant energy boost. This causes our blood sugars to go on a roller coaster ride as high carb and high fat snacks are quickly digested by the body. What follows is more cravings and more over eating to curb the hunger.

For effective weight loss, the right eating habit is to not skipping meals but eating more frequent and smaller meals throughout the day. The body gets accustomed to burning calories every two to three hours, digesting the food we eat rather than storing fat and burning muscle for energy.

Eating the right foods
– not skipping meals is the solution to permanent weight loss.

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