Don’t Know What To Eat? Watch This Video On Healthy Eating Habits

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I WAS snooping around the internet when I stumbled upon this healthy eating video clip by Dr Radhia Gleis, a certified clinical nutritionist at Austin Integrative Medicine – and found it pretty good.

Dr Gleis spoke of a healthy eating lifestyle which I’ve been following for a couple of years now. And you know what? Eating the RIGHT FOODS can really transform the way you look, feel and fit into that pair of skinny jeans.

If you are confused by the number of healthy diets out there, Dr Gleis has one piece of health byte: Stick to the way Mother Nature made it. You can visit her website at:

So let’s watch the video.

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1 comment to Don’t Know What To Eat? Watch This Video On Healthy Eating Habits

  • Teresa,
    Thanks for posting this video on your site. I think Dr. Gleis makes some very valid points about what we should put into our bodies. Unfortunately, eating food the way ‘Mother Natural’ intended is not easy as natural food is hard to find. Even in the produce section of the supermarket, one can not be sure that the food is ‘natural’ and organic. When one does find organic foods they tend to be much more expensive. Perhaps, growing the food yourself is a possible answer. I live in the Pacific Northwest (US) where the growing season is only about 5 months.

    I too, am very interested in health and nutrition and have recently started a blog to share with others what I’ve learned about improving ones health through better nutrition.
    All the Best,

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