How To Lose Weight Fast With Raw Nuts?

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THE next time you hear your stomach growling, don’t wait till lunch before you eat if your goal is to lose weight fast.

Satisfy your physical cravings for food with a handful of raw nuts so you will not be tempted to over eat at the next meal.

Many dieters and weight watchers avoid nuts because of their high fat content. Studies have shown that if nuts (especially the raw and unsweetened ones) are eaten in small quantities and as part of a healthy diet, they do not appear to cause weight gain.

So how to lose weight fast with raw nuts?


1) Raw Nuts Are Healthy Substitutes for Sugary Snacks

It is true that raw nuts have high fat content so a handful (not a bag full!) of nuts is more than enough.

But raw nuts also contain good fats – mostly monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids that protect the heart and help stabilize blood sugars, an important factor for weight loss.

Instead of eating a cookie, a piece of cake or donut to satisfy your hunger pangs, eat some raw nuts.

Unlike high carbohydrate snacks, raw nuts are low GI foods and healthy snacks that do not cause blood sugars to go on a roller coaster ride. They make you feel full longer so you are less likely to eat another sweet snack.

Raw Nuts From True Foods Market2) Raw Nuts Fill You Up Naturally

According to researchers, it is the Oleic acid in nuts that stops hunger pangs. Oleic acid triggers a signal to the brain that says, “Hey, I am full.”

How does this work?

When Oleic acid reaches the small intestines. it changes into a fatty lipid hormone, oleoylethanolamide (OEA). OEA stimulates nerves that send messages of fullness to the brain, effectively suppressing the next round of hunger pangs.

The next time you feel hungry, grab some healthy snacks of raw nuts instead of a chocolate cookie if you plan to lose weight fast.


3) Raw Nuts Snacks Make Nutritious Mini Meals

The more often you eat, the more weight you will lose.

It sounds absurd but eating frequent but smaller meals (recommended: 5 to 8 times a day) does enable the body to burn calories constantly throughout the day. So you are more likely to lose weight than store the unused calories as fat.

But eating five to eight times a day is simply not practical if you are out and working.

The easiest solution?

Stock up on healthy snacks!

One snack is equivalent to a mini meal.

Eat three to five healthy snacks every day.

A handful of raw almonds or walnuts (about 9 to 15 nuts); a couple of fruits (apple, grapes or oranges are smart choices for anyone who wants to lose weight) and two handfuls of raw seeds (such as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds).

The above healthy snacks make up a total of five mini meals. Add that to the three main meals (B, L, D) – and you will have your eight meals a day!

I enjoy eating a variety of raw nuts. Raw nuts and seeds are my instant hunger stoppers!


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  • Yes it is true,nuts are a great snack if you are dieting.
    The 5 meal per day program that I have been using has nuts as some of the smaller meals and they work great at keeping hunger pangs at bay.
    Access my blog to see how I am progressing.


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