15 Best Foods For Healthy Eating – Watch and Find Out!

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IF you think eating healthy is bland, colorless and boring, this healthy eating video by certified herbalist and syndicated columnist Rita Heikenfeld might convince you to go green!

In the video, she shows her colorful list of 15 best foods for healthy eating and lists the nutritional wealth for each.

Some of nature’s best foods in the video have been mentioned in this blog. They are my favorites: Raw Nuts and Lemons.

Watch this video for more.

Which of these 15 nature’s best foods are missing from your diet?

Best Foods For Healthy Eating

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2 comments to 15 Best Foods For Healthy Eating – Watch and Find Out!

  • The video was good for a brief rundown, though very limited in scope. Many of these food do far more than a short video like this could begin to tell you. And I was wondering – where are the blueberries, cherries, cranberries, cantaloupe … all more nutrient packed than apples, But it was OK, until she reached the soy.

    Please visit http://commonsenseliving.com/diet-health/no-more-soy and learn about the dangers of soy. Please get it out of your diet as quickly as possible.

  • The video is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the world’s healthiest foods. The colored fruits and vegetables like the blueberries that you mentioned are impressively loaded with antioxidants too.

    As for the health benefits of soy or soya, there have been conflicting studies, both supporting and not supporting the consumption of soy. My personal take? Always eat in moderation, including the world’s healthiest foods. Eat blueberries but don’t eat a ton! Soy supplements are a no-no because that will be an over consumption of one single food. It’s smarter to eat foods that are fresh and not processed as pills or tablets. That’s my opinion. Best of Health!

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