Why Choose The Low Glycemic Diet For Permanent Weight Loss

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By Teresa Cheong, RightEatingHabits.com – THE weight loss market is bursting with mind boggling choices of diet plans, but why choose the low glycemic diet (or low GI diet)? I chose the low glycemic diet for three primary reasons:

1) The low glycemic diet shows you how to make right eating choices.

2) The low glycemic diet is a scientifically proven way to lose weight naturally without ingesting pills that may be harmful to the body.

3) The low glycemic diet focuses on permanent weight loss; not quick fix solutions to weight loss problems.

Unlike other diet plans which impose strict food restriction, the low glycemic diet doesn’t. Under the low glycemic diet, you can enjoy a wide variety of foods in moderation, and without fear of putting on weight – by making the right eating choices.

Making right eating choices simply means choosing the right foods. Foods which the body digests slowly and releases as energy evenly throughout the day, thus making us feel full longer.

These are slow release foods which are ranked low on the glycemic index (GI) and do not spike blood sugar levels, or result in insulin excess, or eventual fat gain.

The glycemic index is a scientific measurement of the impact of carbohydrate foods on your blood sugar. Foods with a high glycemic index tend to raise the body’s blood sugar levels. Foods with a low glycemic index raise blood sugar more slowly and over a longer period.

Right Eating Choices And Low Glycemic Diet

The concept of making right eating choices and choosing foods on the low glycemic index is easy to understand.

When you eat food, your body will either digest that food slowly or rapidly depending on the glycemic index of that particular food.

Foods high on the glycemic index are rapid release foods. Cakes, pastries and cookies are fine examples of high glycemic foods.

The body digests them quickly and releases them just as quickly as sugar in the bloodstream. The body then releases excess insulin to manage the rise in blood sugars. Any excess blood sugar that is not converted to fuel for immediate use is stored in the muscle or as fat deposits.

Slow release foods means that your body will digest them slowly and convert the food into fuel for the body even several hours after the meal. This makes you feel less hungry and less prone to eating more. So there will be no further weight gain. Fruits and beans are low on the glycemic index.

The Low GI Diet Breakthrough A Permanent Weight Loss Guide

The Low GI Diet Breakthrough eBook by Wesley Atkins, a London-based nutritionist is one healthy weight loss guide weight watchers won’t want to miss. For the price of one simple dinner at a mid-priced restaurant, you would have infinite access to a wealth of information on weight loss foods and weight loss tips.

This is what I got from my copy of Wesley Atkins’ Low GI Diet Breakthrough eBook:

  • Comprehensive GI Index charts that show the high, medium and low glycemic index of popular foods
  • List of 13 best foods to eat on the Low Glycemic Diet
  • List of 17 worst foods to eat on the Low Glycemic Diet
  • List of fat-burning breakfasts, lunch and dinner
  • List of diet secrets that boost metabolism and turn my body into a fat-melting machine
  • List of weight Loss tips such as how to breakthrough the weight loss plateau – the point where dieters stop losing weight
  • List of exercise routines that produce dramatic results after each and every session
  • Advice on how to develop the right mindset for permanent weight loss.

Besides stimulating weight loss, the low glycemic diet plan has other tremendous health benefits such as lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduced chances of contracting heart disease, higher energy levels.

I have tried many crash diet plans before and they never kept the weight off for long. I like the book’s emphasis on making right eating choices to achieve permanent weight loss.

If you’re looking for a safe and permanent weight loss solution, the Low GI Diet Breakthrough eBook is an excellent resource and practical guide. It is one of my “eating bibles”.

** Wesley Atkin’s e-book – published in 2009 – has since been discontinued. But a more updated version on the glycemic index diet is available. Grab your copy of The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies before it sells out.**

What some people say about their low glycemic diet experience

“I am 26 and have been on the Low GI Diet Plan for just three weeks and in that time I have already lost 19 lbs! I have really been enjoying the diet for me it is more of a lifestyle change than a “diet”. – Linda Waterstein

“I started your diet just one month ago and I have already reached my goal of dropping 20 pounds. I have changed my eating habits and still enjoy the foods I love. The only difference is now I am losing weight. I highly recommend your diet. I have tried so many things in the past and nothing seemed to work. I am over 40 and exercise was not doing it for me alone. In fact, nothing I did prior seemed to shed the pounds like your diet. I am very cautious as to what I eat now because I feel and look great. I totally love the Low GI Diet Plan” – Mark Holland

“The Low Gi Diet Breakthrough is a great book and has become our eating “bible”. My mother lives with us and is a diabetic. My husband’s blood sugar is in the 109 range so this change in eating habits has helped him considerably. He’s scheduled for testing this month so we should see the results plus the weight loss. For me, I run on the low side but the weight loss and energy level has improved drastically. Every once in awhile I slip into old eating habits and within two days can truly feel the difference in mind, body, and soul! Thanks for all your efforts – Donna Muldoon Mastran

If you are looking for a healthy and natural solution to your weight loss problems, I would recommend that you consider the low glycemic diet. The low glycemic diet shows you how to choose the right carbs. It offers a permanent weight loss solution, not the quick fixes of crash diets.

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