Giving a Gift Turns Healthy

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Post by Teresa Cheong, – Gift giving has recently turned healthy for me.

Giving a gift used to be an excruciating exercise looking for unique, memorable gifts. I would prowl the malls and gift shops looking for unique gifts, but I usually come home disappointed. Many gift shops seem to parade the same predictable merchandize – trinkets, photo albums, stuffed toys, porcelain figurines. You could make your own gifts, a tiny voice whispered in your ear. Unless you have the time and raw talent, you might end up feeling more flustered than ever.

Staying healthy is a mantra we hear everyday so why not give a gift of health? Healthy gift giving is eco-friendly and guilt-free. With this new found zeal for healthy gifts, I now select gifts with the health of the receiver in mind. The range of healthy gifts you can find on the internet is amazing. Here is how you can turn giving a gift into a gift of health!

Organic Dark Chocolates

Instead of chocolates sweetened with white sugar and loaded with emulsified fats, choose dark chocolates like this bar of Gnosis Organic Dark Chocolate.

I bundle guilt-free, healthy gift hampers for friends on their birthdays. A basket of healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Plus one or two bars of Gnosis PowerChoc Bar – raw chocolates. Gnosis chocolates is the creation of Vanessa (aka Chocolate Girl), a certified holistic health counselor who began experimenting with raw chocolate because of her passion for health and nutrition.

Tea Gift Sets

Handcrafted tea gift sets are not only beautiful to look at, they make a very healthy gift. The design of Numi Tea handcrafted tea gift sets are a work of artistry in my opinion. Numi Tea was started by a brother and sister team who have a great love for tea. The sister, Reem, is an artist and painter and all the exquisite designs on the handcrafted tea gift sets are hers. Numi Tea is certified organic.

Giving a Gift - Numi Tea

This Numi Teais made from pure, 100% natural green tea and jasmine flowers.

Make giving a gift a gift of health.

© Teresa Cheong,

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