Lose Weight Fast With This Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook

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Post by RightEatingHabits.com Want to lose weight fast? This Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook contains 150 recipes specially designed for easy weight loss. The recipes are easy to prepare. And absolutely delicious! The cookbook is a companion to the Glycemic Load Diet book, both by the same author, Dr. Rob Thompson. Dr. Thompson, a cardiologist, has written extensively on how a low glycemic load diet can help promote easy and faster weight loss.

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Low Glycemic Load Cookbook

Lose weight with these 150 recipes!



What Is In The Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook

Enjoy great tasting meals and yet lose weight with the Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook!

Dr. Thompson shows you how you can lose weight fast with his compilation of 150 low Glycemic Load Diet recipes. You will never be short of ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

These recipes are designed to help raise your metabolic rate, stop your cravings, and help you shed the pounds, and get back in shape – easily and quickly. Eating meals composed of mainly low glycemic load foods will lessen the amount of insulin the body has to make. Because low glycemic load foods have little carbohydrate content; only small amounts of glucose are released into the bloodstream so the body doesn’t need to release a lot of insulin.

Examples of low glycemic load meals: chickpea curry, dhal (lentil curry), steam-fried vegetables, grilled tofu burgers. The cookbook offers more. More delightful bites like strawberry smoothie, salmon and asparagus casserole, breakfast custard. All designed to help you lose weight easily.

Find plenty of nutrition tips too in the Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook. You won’t want to miss the list of common foods and their glycemic load. The food list is a guide on what not to eat if you want to lose weight fast. Comes with a total of 150 fat busting recipes!

Not sure How The Glycemic Load Diet Works and How To Go On Low Glycemic Load? This book explains why eating more glycemic load foods can help restore hormonal imbalances and help you lose weight fast. Written in plain language, it makes the concept easy to follow and apply.

Also discover healthy eating tips under these 10 food categories: Poultry, Beef, Eggs and Dairy, Pork and Lamb, Fish and Seafood, Baked Goods and Other Grainy Stuff, Snacks And Other Pick-Up Food, Main Dish Salads and Soups, Side Dishes and Side-Dish Salads, Desserts.

As you can see, the Glycemic Load Diet Cookbook is more than a cookbook. It’s your nutritional guide to healthy eating and healthy weight loss. Buy Now.

A Reader’s Comment

“Dr. Rob Thompson has devoted himself to with his diet plan. In this book of recipes that serves as a companion to The Glycemic-Load Diet, Dr. Thompson teams up with world-famous low-carb cookbook author Dana Carpender to whip up some yummy recipes that are designed to control insulin spikes which lead to weight gain, hunger, and disease. One thing you can always count on when Dana Carpender contributes recipes to a cookbook is variety, mouthwatering dishes, and a commitment to keeping them low-carb. You get 150 outstanding recipes to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and everything in between with this book!”

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