8 Tips for Finding the Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

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Posted by RightEatingHabits.com – Planning to lose weight but don’t want the hassle of having to count calories at every meal? Why not opt for a dietitian-prepared meal delivery diet plan? Here are 8 tips to choosing the best diet plan:


8 Tips for Finding the Best Diet Plan To Help You Lose Weight

  1. Does the diet plan include foods from all the major food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein sources, nuts and seeds?
  2. Does the diet plan whet your appetite and include some foods that you like?
  3. Is the diet plan nutritionally balanced so you can lose weight fast and safely?
  4. Is the diet plan affordably priced?
  5. Does the diet plan use mostly fresh and natural ingredients?
  6. Does it provide comprehensive nutritional information for every meal?
  7. Does the diet plan provide enough variety of foods to keep you interested in sticking with the program?
  8. Does it promise gradual weight loss?

According to the experts at Mayo Clinic, the best way to lose weight is simply burning more calories that you take in. Sounds simple?

In reality, many people would find it a big chore to be counting calories every day and at every meal. They would rather opt for a diet plan that delivers calorie-controlled healthy meals right at their doorstep.

Diet-to-Go is one such meal delivery  service that offers dietitian-designed meals that are customised to meet customers’ weight loss goals.

Is Diet-to-Go for you?

If you are too busy to prepare your meals …

If discipline is what you need to control your daily calorie intake…

If it can stop you from buying yet another fast-food meal for dinner (!)..,

– then, a meal delivery diet plan may be what you need to help you lose weight.


What Diet-to-Go offers:

  • Choice of 1,200-calorie or 1,600-calorie diet plan
  • Choice of three distinct menus to suit different taste buds: vegetarian, low-carb and traditional meal plan. See diet plan options
  • Over 20 different meal plans to cater to different needs
  • Diet plan options for diabetics
  • Convenience of meal delivery service – up to seven calorie-controlled meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) delivered to your home every week
  • Flexible system that allows you to substitute foods that you don’t like



Sample menu on Diet-to-go diet plan

Here is one sample menu on the Diet-to-Go meal delivery list:

  • Vegetarian diet plan – egg and broccoli pie (breakfast), Grilled Veggie Burrito (lunch) and soy creole over veggies (dinner)
  • Low-carb diet plan – spinach quiche (breakfast), lemon herb chicken (lunch) and prime rib with sauce (dinner)
  • Traditional diet plan – apple pancakes (breakfast), garden salad (lunch), Porcini Mushroom Chicken

Diet-to-Go has been providing the meal delivery service for over 20 years since 1991.

Not sure which is the best diet plan is for you? Take this free diet analysis.


Find out how adding raw foods to your diet can help you lose weight.



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