How to Make Matcha Green Tea: A Step-by-Step Video

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Post by – One great way to start the day is to have a cup of matcha green tea. I prefer to make my cup of matcha green tea with soy or almond milk. But you can make a smooth and delicious matcha green tea latte by blending the fine matcha green tea powder with hot milk. For weight watchers, soy or almond-blended matcha green tea is definitely, a healthier choice. Find out how you can make iced matcha green tea latte in one of my earlier posts.

Where can you buy good quality matcha green tea powder?

You can get it in specialty tea shops.

Or buy online.

Matcha Source offers three grades of matcha green tea powder. The highest grade is Kama Matcha which is the premium matcha green tea powder used in Japanese tea ceremonies (obviously, the most expensive!).

The Morning Matcha is organic-certified and great for making matcha green tea lattes.

The café-grade Gotcha Matcha is great for every day use.

Ready to make you first cup of matcha green tea?

Watch this video on how to make matcha green tea video by Angel Wong. It’s a simple, step-by-step guide.


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