New Study Shows Low Carbohydrate Diet Best Way to Lose Weight

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Post by – The best way to lose weight is a low carbohydrate diet, according to latest research findings published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (2 Sep 2014 Vol. 161. No. 5). Participants in the low-carb group experienced greater natural weight loss than those on the low-fat diet over a 12-month period.

Researchers have studied a sample of 148 obese participants with no cardiovascular problems over a period of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The group on the low carbohydrate diet consistently lost more weight than the low-fat group at each of the three intervals.

At the end of 12 months, the low carbohydrate group lost about 3.5 kg (7.7 pounds) more than the low fat group.

Both groups were also asked to engage in the same type of physical activity. By keeping physical activity constant, the study was able to show the positive impact of a low carbohydrate diet on natural weight loss.

What is the best way to lose weight?

low GI carbs the best way to lose weight

According to the researchers, reduce your carb intake every day and eliminate highly processed and refined carbohydrates from your diet is the best way to lose weight. If you are eating sweet breads, pastries and sipping lattes every day, watch your weight!

Which is the best low carbohydrate diet to follow?

Weight loss companies offer a variety of low carbohydrate diets.

There are low-carb diets that encourage you to cut down on carbohydrates but increase your protein intake because protein makes you feel full longer.

There are other diets such as the low glycemic index diet or low GI diet which puts a lot of emphasis on eating the right kind of carbs – specifically, low GI carbs that do not cause erratic and rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels – a common trigger for overeating. The main source of protein for a low glycemic index diet or low GI diet comes from beans, legumes and whole grains. I prefer the low glycemic index diet.

How Low Glycemic Index Diet boosts natural weight loss

If you are seeking the best way to lose weight, the low glycemic index diet which is a low carbohydrate diet is a reliable and tested option to speed natural weight loss.

A low glycemic index diet shows you:

  • How to eat better quality carbs
  • Why you should avoid saturated fats
  • Why you should increase consumption of good unsaturated fats found in nuts and seeds

According to the low glycemic index diet, refined carbs and refined sugars are diet spoilers. So choose mainly low GI carbs. Most low GI carbs are raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Where to get more information

Ready to go on a low carbohydrate diet to shed some unwanted fats?

For access to the GI values of over 900 different foods, get a copy of The Low GI Handbook: The New Glucose Revolution Guide to the Long-Term Health Benefits of Low GI Eating by Professor Jennie Brand-Miller.

The low GI handbook also includes recipes for low GI meals. Professor Brand-Miller from the University of Sydney is a leading authority on the glycemic index. She researches on all aspects of carbohydrates, including the glycemic index of foods, insulin resistance and infant nutrition.



Too much saturated fats in your diet could also lead to a sluggish liver or fatty liver disease which will slow down your body’s metabolism and make losing weight even harder! Here are four tips for a fatty liver.

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