Eight Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

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Post by RightEatingHabits.com –  There is no quick fix for permanent weight loss, but a change of poor eating habits can help you put off rapid weight gain.  These are eight surprising ways to lose weight quickly without the help of any crash diet plan. This blog article is a round-up of some of the most popular weight loss resources on this blog. Share it, bookmark it if you find it helpful!

Lose weight quickly and permanently by adopting these healthy eating habits:


  • Never skip breakfast


It is so tempting to skip breakfast (you are rushing to catch the train for work) but you are unlikely to lose weight quickly if you skip the first meal of the day. The reason being you are most likely to grab an unhealthy snack like a donut to curb the hunger pangs by mid-morning – and eat more during lunch. This is how your body “compensates” for going hungry in the morning!

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to have a healthy breakfast.

whole oats porridge to lose weight

Whole oats porridge and wholemeal bread with eggs are breakfasts high in protein and dietary fiber. They keep you feeling full longer in the day – and the urge to binge at bay. Whole oats is my all-time breakfast favorite!

Find out more – why skipping breakfast is bad if you want to lose weight quickly.


  • Choose low-carb foods

Use the low glycemic index and low glycemic load as a guide when choosing the right carbs to lose weight quickly.

Low GI carbs such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are digested more slowly than high GI foods. Unlike high GI foods such as white rice, pasta and pastries, low-carb foods do not cause sudden rise or fall in blood sugar levels. Because low-carb foods are converted to glucose over a longer period of time, you tend to feel satiated longer and are less likely to overeat.

Studies have shown that insulin-resistant women lose more weight on a low-carb diet than low-fat diet.

healthy breakfast to lose weight


  • Drink more water

Your body’s metabolism slows down if you don’t drink enough water. Make it a habit to drink a glass of water after every meal. Squeeze some lemon or lime juice into a glass of warm water for a refreshing, detoxifying drink! Lemon water is one healthy beverage weight watchers can’t do without.

drink more water to lose weight


  • Fast occasionally to lose weight quickly

There are different ways to fast. Abstaining from calorie-rich foods for just one day in a week is one of the ways to lose weight. Some people fast by becoming vegetarian for one day. Others fast by drinking water only for 24 hours. Besides the benefit of promoting weight loss, fasting is good for emotional and spiritual health.

Find out how intermittant fasting can work for you.


  • Skip the lattes – choose a healthier beverage

It is so easy to grab a hazel nut latte or ice blended drink for the quick afternoon caffeine fix. A cup of black coffee without sugar contains just a few calories. But, a coffee drink made with whole milk and syrup could add as much as 68 calories and 2.75g of fat. Another tbsp of sugar will add another 50 calories.

Switch to healthier beverages such as green tea or lemon water if you want to lose weight quickly and permanently. These healthy beverages are excellent for boosting the body’s metabolism – or the burning of fats in the body.

 Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Source offers three grades of matcha green tea powder for making a fine cup of matcha green tea. I prefer to add soy to my matcha green tea.


  • Don’t forget to snack!


raw nuts to lose weight



Healthy snacking one of the ways to lose weight. Snacking keeps your metabolism up throughout the day. But make sure you choose only healthy snacks. Get tips on how you can lose weight with raw nuts.






  • Munch an apple a day


eat apple to lose weight

Apples contain high concentrations of pectin – the soluble fiber which helps to slow down digestion which makes you feel full longer and less tempted to overeat. Eating a few apples a day is an easy way to lose weight quickly. Eat an apple before a meal and as a snack during the day.

Are you eating enough dietary fiber?



  • Say NO to fast food


stop eating fast food to lose weight


Studies have shown that fast food increases the risk of Type II diabetes and coronary  heart disease.  Even eating fast food once a week could increase your risk of heart disease by 20%, according to a published report by the American Heart Association (2012). People with poorly controlled diabetes and heart disease tend to experience rapid weight gain.

If you want to lose weight quickly, skip the fast food queue.




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