Start Your Day With Matcha Green Tea to Burn Belly Fat!


Post by – Start your day with a cup of matcha green tea, a healthy beverage that can potentially help you eliminate toxins, give your internal system a thorough cleanse – and burn belly fat fast. Matcha which means green tea powder, is a beverage enjoyed by Zen monks and the upper echelons […]

What Do the World’s Longest Living People Eat?


By Teresa Cheong, – Do you know what do the world’s longest living people eat? Have you ever wondered what their eating habits are? In Sally Beare’s best-selling health book, The Live Longer Diet, she listed more than 25 authentic healthy food recipes and highlighted the unique eating habits of people living in […]

Whip Up Anti-cancer Meals With Turmeric Powder


Post by Teresa Cheong, – Like your food spicy and tasty? Pass the bottle of processed chili sauce – and spice up your meals with an anti-cancer arsenal of turmeric power instead. Researchers have found that turmeric, a common yellow spice in Indian curries, is an amazing natural anti-cancer food. So, are you […]

Healthy Food Recipes From World’s Longest Living People


By Teresa Cheong, –

I remember Sally Beare has included a number of healthy food recipes in her book. I told myself the first time I read her book that I would try some of the healthy food recipes she has listed.

In my previous blog post on “The Live Longer Diet”, […]

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Organic Whole Oats Porridge


Post by – KICK START your weight loss and back-to-fitness goals with the most important meal of the day – a tasty but low GI (glycemic index) healthy breakfast. One of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes for weight watchers: organic whole oats porridge.

A steaming bowl of freshly cooked whole oats porridge loaded […]