New Study Shows Low Carbohydrate Diet Best Way to Lose Weight


Post by – The best way to lose weight is a low carbohydrate diet, according to latest research findings published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (2 Sep 2014 Vol. 161. No. 5). Participants in the low-carb group experienced greater natural weight loss than those on the low-fat diet over a 12-month period.


Low Glycemic Load Foods Promote Faster Weight Loss


Post by Filling up your plates with low glycemic index foods (or low GI foods) is a successful weight loss strategy that has worked for many people. But knowing the glycemic index of a particular food is not enough. The glycemic index doesn’t tell you how much of the food is […]

Why Choose The Low Glycemic Diet For Permanent Weight Loss

The low glycemic diet is my choice for permanent weight loss as it focuses on making right eating choices. The emphasis is on permanent weight loss through eating right. […]