Low Glycemic Diet Revisited: Can it Boost Natural Weight Loss?


Post by RightEatingHabits.com – The low glycemic diet was originally developed as a tool for people with diabetes to control their blood sugar (glucose) levels. It has since evolved to be a natural weight loss tool for dieters. In an earlier post, I wrote about the low glycemic index diet as a […]

Why Choose The Low Glycemic Diet For Permanent Weight Loss

The low glycemic diet is my choice for permanent weight loss as it focuses on making right eating choices. The emphasis is on permanent weight loss through eating right. […]

Low Glycemic Index Diet: Make Eating Slow Carbs A Habit


I SWITCHED to eating slow carbs more than a year ago and I never gained back the weight I’ve lost.

What are slow carbs? Slow carbs are “slow energy release foods” that are either low or medium on the glycemic index. People on the low glycemic index diet choose carbohydrates that are low or […]