Short-term Fasting Secret To Easy Weight Loss


Post by Teresa Cheong, – Is there an easy weight loss plan that works and can save you a lot of money? There is. But it does need some practice getting used to. It’s part of a lifestyle practised by monks of all ages to keep the body, mind and spirit in pretty […]

Medical Doctor Explains Glycemic Index Glycemic Load


Post by RightEatingHabitscom – Would knowing the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load of everyday foods help you make smart food choices? Smart food choices that will support your quest for faster weight loss? Further to my earlier post on the Glycemic Load Diet, I came across an article by Dr. Gabe Mirkin which explains […]

Why Choose The Low Glycemic Diet For Permanent Weight Loss

The low glycemic diet is my choice for permanent weight loss as it focuses on making right eating choices. The emphasis is on permanent weight loss through eating right. […]

Why Skipping Meals Is Bad For Weight Loss


MANY people have the wrong idea that skipping meals is a fast and easy way to control eating and stop weight gain. The truth is skipping meals is an unhealthy eating habit that promotes weight gain rather than weight loss.

This is what happens when people skip their meals:

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Eight […]

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