Low GI Diet

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How Glycemic Index Diet Plan Boosts Natural Weight Loss

IF YOU have diabetes or need to lose weight, the Glycemic Index Diet Plan (also known as the Low GI Diet) might  just be the solution you’re looking for.

The low GI diet is based on a diet plan that was developed in the 1980s to help diabetics control their blood glucose levels and manage their chronic medical condition.

Subsequently, researchers discovered that people who followed the low GI diet also experienced a pleasing “side effect” – speedy natural weight loss.

The Low GI Diet has since become popular with non-diabetics as a natural weight loss tool.  Some people on the low GI diet claim that it promotes natural weight loss and muscle retention. Others say that the low GI diet has helped them to shed weight in critical areas such as the tummy.

What Is  The Glycemic Index?

Under the low GI Diet, carbohydrates are divided into three categories (low, medium and high). This is based on how they rank on the glycemic index. The glycemic index ranks carbohydrate foods according to how quickly the body digests them. Carbohydrates that are processed more quickly by the body rank higher on the Index (high GI carbs). Carbs that take longer to be digested by the body rank lower on the scale.

The idea is to include more carbs that are ranked low on the glycemic index (low GI carbs) in your meals and reduce your intake of high GI carbs.

Some of the recommended foods on the low GI Diet Plan include broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, legumes, beans, greens, whole grains and fruits such as apples, apricots, grapefruits and bananas.

The Low GI Diet Plan And Natural Weight Loss

Phase One – Eat Only Low Glycemic Foods (3 to 6 months)

When dieters first start the eating plan they are in what is known as Phase One.

Under this phase, dieters are encouraged to eat only foods which are low on the glycemic index in order to lose weight. These foods are low in calories and high in fiber which makes it easier to lose weight. Dieters should plan to be on the first phase of the diet for about three to six months depending on how much weight they want to lose.

Phase Two – Include Medium Glycemic Foods In Daily Diet

After that time period, the individual may then advance to the second phase, which is the weight loss maintenance phase. In this phase, you may eat low as well as medium foods according to the glycemic index.

Complement Diet Change With Exercise

It is important to understand that exercise is an important component in both phases of the diet plan in order for it to work effectively.

Following the low GI Diet without regular exercise or control over the size of your food portions will defeat your weight loss efforts.

Further steps:

Make Lifestyle Changes For Permanent Natural Weight Loss

You must be dedicated to participating in an active and healthy lifestyle. The low GI diet is strictly not a diet but a change in your eating habits. If you return to eating large amounts of highly processed and refined foods (high GI foods),  you will quickly regain your lost kilos, particularly if you are not exercising regularly.

Choose Good Quality Carbs

Yes, you can have carbs under the low GI diet plan (!) as long as they are good quality carbs that rank low to medium on the glycemic index. Eating out is not forbidden. Once you are familiar with how different types of carbs rank on the glycemic index, you can make the conscious decision to choose items on the menu which are ranked low on the glycemic index.

For vegetarians, low carb diets that place a strong emphasis on eating protein from meat will not work. With the low GI Diet plan, the emphasis is on choosing carbs that do not trigger erratic blood sugar levels and preference is plant protein such as beans and greens.

With time and dedication the low GI Diet Plan has proven to be effective in helping diabetics manage their condition and promoting natural weight loss through a change in eating habits for weight watchers.

Where To Get More Information

The Low GI Diet Revolution: The Definitive Science-Based Weight Loss Plan is an easy-to-read guide on how to lose weight naturally on the low GI diet. It talks about the science behind this new way of eating.

500 Low Glycemic Index Recipes is the favorite cookbook for followers of the low GI diet.










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