Importance of Nutrition After Diagnosis of Cancer

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Maintaining good nutrition is extremely important after a diagnosis of cancer. In this article, David Haas from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance writes about the importance of cancer and nutrition.

Getting the right nutrients is particularly important after a diagnosis of cancer. Eating the right foods for cancer can benefit your body in several ways, both during and after treatment. Learning the benefits of a healthy diet is the first step in combating nutritional deficiencies and the side effects of those deficiencies common in cancer patients.

Cancer and Nutrition

  • Benefits of healthy diet


Healthy foods can boost your immune system and help you maintain energy levels.

During cancer treatment, many of the medications and therapies that are used will make you more susceptible to infections and often cause low energy.

Good nutrition can help provide balance while taking medications or receiving radiation or other therapies to treat cancer.

You may be referred to a nutritionist or other nutrition specialist to help you learn more about what types of food and how much you need to eat each day while in treatment. The nutritional needs of cancer patients are often slightly different than the nutritional needs of others.

For example, a person undergoing standard treatment for mesothelioma will need enough protein and calories each day to stay as healthy as possible. While food can’t cure cancer, it is a resource that you can use to maintain a higher quality of life during and after treatment.

Talk to your personal nutritionist about the right foods for cancer nutrition. Get advice on foods that can provide you with the nutrition you need during and after cancer treatment, and which fit your personal tastes. Many people undergoing cancer treatment will experience changes in taste which can affect the types of foods that you like to eat.

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, along with protein sources like nuts, beans and tofu are all part of a healthy diet.

  • Changing Your Diet

According to the National Cancer Institute’s Nutrition in Cancer Care, cancer and cancer treatments can alter the way that your body processes foods to get nutrients. Finding the solution to getting enough calories and nutrients can include using some alternatives such as nutritional drinks.

Treatments and therapies can also affect your appetite, making it challenging to get enough food. Working with a nutritionist and logging your food intake can provide you with the tools that you need to maintain a healthy diet throughout cancer treatment.

By making sure you have good nutrition after a diagnosis of cancer, you may be able to support your immune system and improve your overall quality of life during cancer treatments.

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