Secret to Longevity: How to Live Longer

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Post by – Are you “eating your way” to premature aging and premature death? In one of my earlier posts on “The Secret to Staying Healthy and living longer”, I listed 10 healthy eating habits which were found to be common among the world’s longest living people. The list was drawn from  a book, “The Live Longer Diet”,  by nutritionist Sally Beare.  The secret to longevity among communities such as Okinawa (Japan) and Hunza  (Pakistan) is a clean, lean, healthy diet, supported by regular exercise and good living environment. Here is a quick recap of what those 10 healthy eating habits are:

10 Healthy Eating Habits of the World’s Longest Living People

1.  Do not overeat

2. Cut down on sugar

3. Reduce salt in your diet

4. Avoid refined, processed foods

5. Don’t overcook food

6. Eat less red meat (animal protein)

7. Reduce dairy consumption

8. Cut down on (black) tea or coffee

9. Don’t drink alcohol in excess

10. Don’t smoke

Recent research shows that …

Eating less animal protein is secret to longevity for middle-aged adults

What is a clean, healthy diet? The secret to longevity – according to a recent study – lies in eating less animal protein.

The recent study by researchers from the University of Southern California confirms that too much animal protein could significantly reduce longevity in middle-aged people aged 50-65 because of higher risks of cancer and diabetes.

They concluded that middle-aged adults on a high animal protein diet were four times more likely to die from cancer and five times more likely to die of diabetes than those on a low animal protein diet.  The researchers had studied over  6,800 American adults, aged 50 and above.

Interestingly, the reverse is true for older adults over 65 years old.

The researchers found that older adults should maintain protein consumption to reduce risk of cancer mortality. The study showed that seniors on a high protein diet had a 60% reduced risk of dying from cancer. At old age, eating more proteins is necessary to maintain healthy weight.


But among “younger” middle-aged adults, the secret to longevity lies in eating more plant proteins and cutting down on animal protein such as red meat, dairy and eggs.

A plant-based diet is prevalent among the world’s longest living people. Adding more plant proteins such as lentils, beans, soy and nuts can reduce the risk of dying from cancer and diabetes – and promote longevity among middle-aged adults.

A low glycemic index diet plan which emphasizes eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains – carbs that are low in the glycemic index would fit into the eating patterns of the octogenarians and centenarians living in these communities known for their longevity.

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