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Welcome To Right Eating Habits.com.

RightEatingHabits.com is a blog about eating well, living well. This is the place where you can find well-researched articles, tips and resources on healthy eating, healthy diet and healthy living.

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What can you expect?

You will find lots of tips on smart eating habits, interesting natural weight loss ideas such as raw food diet and low glycemic diet.

The blog has a growing list of healthy eating tips. Find out what you should eat to lose belly fat, prevent fatty liver, or even look younger than your real age with this list of anti-aging foods.

Why blog?

I started this blog in 2007 after witnessing how close family members were able to recover from all kinds of ailments and regain their health after adopting healthy eating and healthy diet lifestyles.

My mom, a cancer survivor, was an inspiration. She switched to a 100% organic and pure macrobiotic and vegetarian style of eating during the initial years of battling cancer. She remains cancer-free, seven years on. We continue to follow healthy eating habits and choose organic foods.

(There is another reason for starting the blog: I was getting tired and fed up with all the weight loss plans I have tried and never worked!)

Who is this blog for?

RightEatingHabits.com is for anyone looking for a guide on healthy eating, healthy diet and healthy living.

What is the fuss about healthy eating?

Eating healthy does have a positive and rejuvenating impact on ageing skin, aching bodies, deteriorating eyesight and worsening health.

Eating healthy can boost your immunity and protect you against dreadful diseases and illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and liver problems.

I personally believe it is never too late to change your poor eating habits and reclaim the gift of optimal health.

8 random things about me

  1. I am Teresa Cheong – a freelance writer and business writer. In my “real” work, I write websites, business plans, company profiles and articles for clients. Sounds boring? But I thoroughly enjoy the “brain workout”!
  2. I like to kick-start the day with either a cup of freshly brewed green tea, a glass of warm lemon water, and on two mornings a week, a small cup of black coffee (with soy).
  3. I fast periodically for better health.
  4. I choose natural and organic foods as far as the budget allows.
  5. I enjoy drawing and painting pet portraits!  To my surprise, I am pretty good with colored pencil and graphite pencil mediums. :O)
  6. I learnt all about pet portraiture from a really good pet portrait artist from the London Art College. We call her Melanie and she’s Welsh.
  7. I love animals – and dogs are simply the best!
  8. I don’t have an office. Yup, I work anywhere. My home kitchen and my favorite cafes – they are my hotspots for writing inspiration.


I hope you will enjoy browsing through this blog for tips on healthy eating, healthy dieting and healthy living.


See you inside!


Blog writer Teresa Cheong




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Important Note:
The information on this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you suspect you have a health condition, please seek qualified health professionals to help you make informed choices. The statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA.