Secret to Longevity: How to Live Longer


Post by – Are you “eating your way” to premature aging and premature death? In one of my earlier posts on “The Secret to Staying Healthy and living longer”, I listed 10 healthy eating habits which were found to be common among the world’s longest living people. The list was drawn […]

Four Tips For a Healthy Liver


Post by – Having a healthy liver is essential for optimal health. You need a healthy liver to regulate blood sugar levels and remove a toxic product called bilirubin from your bloodstream. Bilirubin is a waste product resulting from the normal breakdown of red blood cells.

A healthy […]

What Do the World’s Longest Living People Eat?


By Teresa Cheong, – Do you know what do the world’s longest living people eat? Have you ever wondered what their eating habits are? In Sally Beare’s best-selling health book, The Live Longer Diet, she listed more than 25 authentic healthy food recipes and highlighted the unique eating habits of people living in […]

Healthy Food Recipes From World’s Longest Living People


By Teresa Cheong, –

I remember Sally Beare has included a number of healthy food recipes in her book. I told myself the first time I read her book that I would try some of the healthy food recipes she has listed.

In my previous blog post on “The Live Longer Diet”, […]

The Secret To Staying Healthy And Living Longer


By Teresa Cheong, – My curiosity to find out why some groups of people live longer and stay healthy longer than the rest of the world led me to pick up this book – 50 Secrets of the World’s Longest Living People by London-based nutritionist, Sally Beare.

According to Sally Beare, the secret […]